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“Revolutionize Your Music Career with LMSUK’s Comprehensive Social Media Management and Marketing Services”

By Josh Robinson | March 24, 2023

LMSUK is not just any social media management agency. We are a company that truly cares about solving the issues that musicians face in today’s competitive industry. We know that being an independent musician can be tough, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of services to help artists like Max Sarre succeed. In […]

Beating the Algorithms…

By Adam Puckett | March 19, 2023

Lee Cleaveland is a talented one-handed guitar player and multi-instrumentalist from Detroit who approached LMSUK to help grow his social media following and fanbase. In just his first month with us, we developed a powerful strategy to help him achieve his goals, focusing on the fast-growing platform TikTok, where the music industry has seen explosive […]

Creating micro community’s…

By Josh Robinson | March 16, 2023

At LMSUK, we have a proven strategy to help up-and-coming musicians make their mark in the industry and become full-time artists. Our approach is based on building a strong brand, working with the right people, and creating a dedicated community of fans. One of our recent success stories is Harvey Jay Dodgson, who had a […]

How to grow and monetise your audience…

By Josh Robinson | March 14, 2023

When putting on large-scale shows back in the day it was artists like the lottery winner who showed me how to become a full-time musician, they said to me “Josh with the bands you have worked with do they often have over 1000 followers?” I said “ The majority do yes” “ahh so here’s the […]

Pop Punk is far from dead…

By Josh Robinson | March 9, 2023

There is nothing quite like a strong genre renaissance and that cannot be more true than for Pop Punk right now. With comeback artists such as Avril Lavigne and Blink 182 storming the charts and new artists on the scene such as Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly, it’s no wonder we’ve seen bands such as […]

How a pub act can independently take on the international music industry

By Lee Beetles | January 20, 2023

Thanks to the power of social media, the tide has turned. Even the smallest of artists can now compete with the biggest brands in the international music industry by staying consistent and on top of the latest trends. Two of the best examples of this are Sam Thomkins and Tai Verdes. Sam Sam Thomkins was […]


By Lee Beetles | January 16, 2023

Although social media management is essential for up and coming artists to build a new following, especially around a big show or a release, the cost of expertise doesn’t have to be excessive. Some social media agencies charge through the roof, but three months of social media management can cost as little as £360. We […]

How to Guarantee Artists 100,000 Views on YouTube

By Lee Beetles | January 16, 2023

YouTube has been directly competing with TikTok through YouTube shorts and have heavily reduced the cost to advertise on their platform in a bid to cut into the multi-billion dollar market share of short-form content. An LMSUK account specialist can use a £200 advertising budget to guarantee 100,000 views on any given YouTube video, including […]

Joel Stewart

By Lee Beetles | December 15, 2022

The London solo act who struggled to market himself. He didn’t feel like he was working in a niche and wanted LMSUK assistance and what a story it is. We worked on how to differentiate himself and get spotify streams. This was going really well with his monthly listeners averaging at 260,000.  He then wanted […]

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