LMSUK (Music) Ltd Announces its Non-Executive Team for Global Expansion

LMSUK (Music) Ltd is thrilled to announce the appointment of its new non-executive team that will
be responsible for advising the company’s growth and global expansion. The team comprises of
seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the music industry and related fields.

The company has already taken significant steps towards global expansion by leveraging its
musicians’ social media management. Now, with the appointment of its new non-executive team,
LMSUK is poised to become a truly global name in the industry. Our Non-Executive team consists of:

Sam Griffiths, Senior Promoter at Live Nation/Cuff & Taylor, brings his expertise in event
management to the table. He has always been available to lend his support and advice to LMSUK’s
events, and the company looks forward to his valuable contributions in the future.

Katy Ellis, Manager of some of the UK’s biggest DJs/bands and Anglo Management, has been
instrumental in opening up doors for the company’s career development. Her extensive network and
experience in the music industry will be invaluable to LMSUK’s global expansion plans.

Harrison Millward, PR Executive at DawBell Ltd, has worked on strategic campaigns for some of the
biggest international artists. His expertise in public relations and strategic planning will be essential
to LMSUK’s success in a highly competitive industry.

Darren Ridge, Telecoms Tycoon who founded Onecom, brings his experience in scaling businesses
and raising funds to LMSUK. His advice and guidance will be crucial to the company’s global
expansion plans.

Liam Thomas, Founder of Highfield Professional Solutions, has been an excellent mentor to the
company’s CEO. He has challenged him to improve and has helped to create a culture of excellence
within the company.

With the appointment of this exceptional team, LMSUK looks forward to their continued support as
they embark on this exciting new journey for the company to become recognised across the music

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