Tom Auton & the bottle breakers – How to build a fan base

Tom’s objective was simple, to grow a large enough following so that he could work full-time in the music industry. LMSUK got to work building a loyal fan base for his band that would stream songs, make purchases and engage with his social media channels.

To do this, we set out to establish who his prime audience were and how we could best utilise the ad budget given. With A/B testing we discovered that music fans of the globally renowned artists Royal Blood also responded well to Tom’s music and content, so we created targeted ads to capture this audience. We also established that Tom’s band struggled to get gigs outside their home town, so we used our industry experience to put them on two UK tours and created ads to sell their tickets.

The results were outstanding. Tom Auton and the Bottle Breakers now have an official blue tick on Instagram, over 1 million spotify streams and an adoring fan base who continue to purchase merchandise and tickets.

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