Max Ryan – Don’t try to do this by yourself!

Max Ryan is a solo acoustic artist who had been trying to be his own manager/booking agent/social media manager, trying to do everything on his own like so many artists do, before he approached LMSUK. After having a call with our team Max realised he would need support to become a full time musician and LMSUK would be able to help him reach his goals.

Max used our music community on Discord to connect with a more experienced musician and before long they decided to create a single together. Max’s previous streams had usually hovered around 2000 listens, but this single reached over 250,000. He then used the community to book multiple dates and tours to further build his reputation. LMSUK then secured Max spots at major festivals including The Great Escape, Victorious, and Swanfest.

Twenty months after he stopped going it alone and began to utilise the community, Max had built his reputation and gained exposure, to the point where he was now in a position for LMSUK to put him in touch with a top manager: Adrian Norman, CEO of Orean Music Ltd. LMSUK also secured a booking agent for Max to get him regular paid events across the UK and continue performing to his growing audience.

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