Esmae – Taking Back Precious Time

Esmae came to LMSUK having already gained a large following of 121,000 Instagram followers and a blue tick, but as a big artist she struggled to manage her time and keep up with her professional brand.

With social media algorithms often changing every three months, her engagement seemed to be decreasing. She wanted a digital marketer she could trust with her brand, that could save her time to do what she loved most – making music – while continuing to increase brand growth. 

LMSUK decided to create a 24 month strategy where Esmae could clearly communicate what her goals were and what was expected of us, allowing her to see and control the content plans we would be making for her. To combat the regular changes in algorithms, LMSUK implemented the latest trends to keep her brand at the cutting edge. 

With LMSUK, she found an affordable digital marketer she could trust, that gave her back the time to work on her music while growing her brand. We take pride in the great relationships with our artists that regularly allows them the time and opportunities to improve their performance and production.

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