Joel Stewart

The London solo act who struggled to market himself. He didn’t feel like he was working in a niche and wanted LMSUK assistance and what a story it is. We worked on how to differentiate himself and get spotify streams. This was going really well with his monthly listeners averaging at 260,000. 

He then wanted to try a publicity stunt himself, he was a big fan of the Peter Crouch podcast, so he made a song specifically for there latest topic the contriversial referee Mike Dean and sent the track in. With a little luck and peservirency Crouchy saw it, loved it and bought it to the pod which his global fan base loved. It got so much traction Crouch decided to play it to global superstar Ed Sheeran. Yes go YouTube it, the global superstar fell in love with it and so Joel was invited to perform at Wembley Arena and performed infront of 12,500 people! 

Yes it was the best night of his live but more importantly it got the majors interested in the brand Joel Stewart. A clever social media stunt and real digital marketing backing wil continue to break the traditional rules of the music industry.

Feverjaw the rock band from Wales came to us with the goal to get signed, as always with our clients we wanted to achieve this in two years and made a 24 month strategy in there second month with us to do that.

The boys were so determined and consistent with LMSUK we managed to achieve this goal much quicker than expected in only a matter of months, which goes back to our guarantee as a business.

The better brands get the better opportunities. Sadly in the music industry now it’s all about the brand and how many people can it sell to, once we built up a 1000 people regularly engaging with them. Management knew by simply montising the 1000 fans to get £8.33 a month they would be ableto generate income of £100,000 a year. That’s a simple gig ticket or merch sale that would allow then to become full-time musicians.

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