How to Guarantee Artists 100,000 Views on YouTube

YouTube has been directly competing with TikTok through YouTube shorts and have heavily reduced the cost to advertise on their platform in a bid to cut into the multi-billion dollar market share of short-form content.

An LMSUK account specialist can use a £200 advertising budget to guarantee 100,000 views on any given YouTube video, including your music. This means that when labels and managers look at your brand they will see a strong, self-built audience that makes you a far more appealing prospect. Combine that with a great EPK and you’ll have a long line of industry experts after you.

For many artists, this audience growth is often the missing step. Our goal at LMSUK is to use targeted advertising to establish a fanbase for your brand, who engage with and spend money on your music. With just 1000 loyal followers, they would only need to spend £8.33 a month on gig tickets or merch for you to turn over £100,000 a year. We have already seen such numbers countless times with artists such as Don Broco, The Amazons, and The Lottery Winners. If you want to grow your audience, contact us today.

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